One Call Fuel Tanks
Warranty Coverage
We provide a limited replacement warranty of 30 days from the date received by the
original purchaser or installer, unless otherwise specified, and covers the replacement of
a defective part/s, including but not limited to fuel tanks. The warranty applies only to
parts replacement unless a part cannot be obtained in its place. For such cases, a refund
for the part will be issued to the original purchaser. All items must be in their original
condition and must not be damaged due to incorrect installation upon return. The
warranty is limited only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Shipping is the
responsibility of the customer.  Any other warranty different from the above needs to be
provided in writing to the individual customer, certified mail.

Return Policy
If we are unable to find a replacement part for the defective, or incorrect part, we will
accept authorized returns within 30 calendar days of the delivery date.  Refund
is given for the product only.  Shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

All authorized returns must be in their original condition, include all components,
and cannot be disassembled or damaged due to incorrect installation. Returns
missing components will not be credited. We are not responsible for installation
errors. We are not responsible for labor expenses, towing expenses, additional
repair expenses or rental car expenses caused by the use of wrong or defective
parts during installation.

Cancellation Policy:
All orders are electronically processed and forwarded to the warehouse
immediately after the order is confirmed therefore, the window of opportunity to
cancel an order is limited. No orders can be canceled after payment has been
confirmed, as the order will be immediately processed for shipment. All orders
placed from Friday after 5PM EST – Monday 9AM EST cannot be canceled, as
they are processed over the weekend for shipment.  Authorized cancellations are subject
to a 25% cancellation fee.

Customer support- 801-758-7441 - no pricing or availability information available.